Sam and I are over. Sam is one of those people who says all the right things about poly, but in practice is kind of bad at it. I will go into detail about that later at some point, but if I do right now I will just cry, and I can’t cry anymore. We broke up at the end of April and I still feel like I have been punched in the stomach when I think about him and how much I miss him. The problem is that he never really cared for me as deeply as I did for him.

I have quit my awful soul destroying office job and am working on my starting my own theatre company now. I am about to put an original work on at a national festival, so that is what I am doing all day, rehearsing. It means I am not earning anything though, so not sure where rent will come from for July. But at least I am creating theatre, and feel like I am actually doing something with my life.


It also helps me to not think about how heartbroken I am.



Lady Taylor