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Please note that this is a continuation of the previous post, the story follows on directly.

Chapter 1:The Shy Boy, part 2


Scott got into bed next to me, and lo and behold, on to the bed jumps his dog. This canine really did not want Scott to be giving another woman so much attention. Jealousy issues. He moaned at her, and asked her to get off the bed, rather politely I might add. She just stared at him, and glared at me. Realising he was not going to win this one, he shrugged and began to kiss me. I can’t say I had ever had sex with an angry dog on the bed before, but oh well, there is a first time for everything. Horniness levels approaching a peak, the dog on the bed issue was filed away with the “oh God his parents are in the house right at this moment issue”, and I forgot about it quickly.

Scott. Is. An. Amazing. Kisser. He still smelt amazing, and as the kissing grew more passionate he got on top of me. I could feel his hard-on through his pajama pants pressing against me, and felt a surge of lust. I wanted to rip off his clothes, but, still unsure of his level of sexual experience (He’d told me he had had 7 sexual activity partners in his lifetime, I think that is about average for a 22 year old male? Not sure. Depends on the male. Males let me know in the comments section!) and preferences I decided to let him take the lead. Besides, I was in the mood to be controlled. I was a little worried that he wasn’t going to initiate sex and that despite his hard on he just wanted to make-out and cuddle seeing as how we had only met in person about 4 hours previously. Thankfully these fears were unfounded. He began to move between kissing my mouth and my neck and with his left hand he began to explore my right breast, and could feel my hardened nipple through my thin purple t-shirt. Without any prodding from me expect for maybe increasingly heavy breathing and more intense kissing from my side, he lifted up my t-shirt to caress my breast skin-on-skin. His bedside lamp was on at this stage, so we could see each other easily in the soft lighting, and the visual aspect of the whole thing turned me on further. I took off his t shirt and ran my fingers down his long, smooth back digging my nails in just enough for him to know how badly I wanted him but not enough to cause pain. He took my t shirt off, and we continued to kiss – now both topless. I nibbled on his neck, and then he moved down taking off my purple pajama pants, kissing my lower stomach area softly, and then sliding off my red panties.

Then I did something which I kind of wish I hadn’t, in hindsight, seeing as how I doubt we will be sleeping together again (you’ll understand why by the end of this chapter). I asked him to turn off the light. For some reason I was suddenly feeling insecure about my body, and my vagina. I have ALWAYS felt insecure about my vagina because my right inner labia is extremely over sized. Now I have seen a lot of vaginas in my life, some up close, some just on the internet or television but I have NEVER seen a vagina that looks like mine. Some women appear to have both labia very large, or both very small. Some even appear a little lopsided, but mine is extremely noticeable. It’s basically the first thing you see, this one giant oversized labia, and this other extremely small one. Some men, fumbling around down there, have even mistaken my right, big labia for my clitoris. Yeah. Fail. And it’s kind of awkward wanting to say, “Hey by the way dude, THAT’S NOT MY CLITORIS.” I have become a lot more vocal over the years during sex, giving instructions such as “yes, more of that” or “a bit more gently” as well as just getting more into dirty talk such as “yeah baby, d’you like fucking me” etc etc which in the light of day sounds ridiculous and embarrassing which is why it has taken me a long time to try and be comfortable, and actually enjoy being vocal during sex. But I have never said, “By the way, that’s not my clitoris.” Just, too awkward. The most I do is go really quiet if it’s not good, and get very vocal the better it is. I figure that’s generally an effective, yet subtle enough way of communicating how it’s going to the other person.

Also, I have no idea where to look while receiving oral sex! Surely this can’t be just me, surely other people must wonder this also? For me oral sex is FAR more personal than regular sex. It’s just so Goddamn intimate. And I don’t know if I want to make eye contact with someone who has their tongue in my pussy. Will it make them feel stared at? Will it make them feel uncomfortable? I don’t know! So, even though watching someone lick me is a huge turn-on, I usually lie back and close my eyes to try to ensure that I don’t make any eye-contact with them. Feeling awkward is a huge hindrance to achieving orgasm for me, so this was another reason I asked him to turn off the light.

He asked me, “Why?” when I asked him, and I replied “I dunno, it would just make me feel more comfortable” not wanting to go into any of the above ramblings, or admit to feeling insecure. Insecurity = not usually a turn-on. I realise thinking about it afterwards that I may have come off as a prude to him, wanting to have sex in the dark, which is pretty frustrating to me as I would like to think of myself as quite kinky. Scott obliged, and turned out the light.

He began kissing me up and down my inner thigh, all the way to my knees on both legs. Now I had been with someone else this year who also would do that and with both of them it just went on too long. I think that the intention behind it is to add to the foreplay, add to the anticipation, but seriously, I am wet enough already, one or two thigh kisses is fine, let’s get to it already! And then he went down on me. I am always nervous when people go down on me because fucking hell I could write a book about the terrible terrible oral sex I have received in my lifetime. Once it felt as though this guy I was with thought my vagina was a steak and his mouth was a meat-tenderiser. Owwwwww. But I was very pleasantly surprised. Scott goes down on my list of men who have actually made me come from going down on me – a depressingly short list. I had to give him no direction. NONE. He was like cunnilingus yoda. Found the right spot immediately, and played around in that area throughout. Long enough for the orgasm to be awesome, short enough for it not to get annoying. Scott gets ten points in the cunnilingus section.

I get extremely sensitive around my clitoris after an orgasm, so I like to try and pull people away as soon as the orgasm as subsided. I am pretty sure he knew I had come, body spasms and loud noises are a good sign, but he seemed to want to carry on. So I pulled him up towards me, and kissed him, enjoying tasting my own wetness on his mouth. I guess some people find that gross, but I really don’t. I pushed him onto his back and tried to take off his pants, but his tightly drawn pajama pants were making my life difficult, so he ended up having to help me. We both laughed at this though, thankfully. I kissed his neck, moving down to his nipples, down his stomach, and started going down on him. I generally like to start off using just my mouth, and then both my hand and my mouth to intensify the feeling. I did this here. After only about 2 or so minutes of me doing this he pulled me up to kiss me. He had been very silent and definitely hadn’t come, so I was afraid I was doing a really bad job of it. I asked him “Do you not want me to?” And he responded, “It’s just, it depends on if you want to do anything else.” He was trying to politely tell me he was going to come soon and if he did, would be unable to fuck me. Pleased that I was not doing a bad job, and still in the mood to be controlled, I asked “Well, what do you want to do?”He responded with, “I’d quite like to do you at this point in time”. The way he said it was remarkably charming, and I laughed out loud at how adorable and yet sexy he was at the same time.

So we made out a while longer, and then I asked him if he had any condoms. He went into the bathroom to get some and brought pack a whole pack of free ones (not that I’m judging. Generally, a condom is a condom, unless it has a flavour or a tingly lube). He put it on, got on top of me and entered me with ease. It was a little sore at first, but it almost always is at that sudden first thrust. I liked him being inside of me, although it didn’t feel as though I was going to come again. I, like most females, struggle to come from penetration alone. I have only come from pure penetration with 2 men, and I think it had a lot to do with the shape and angles of their penises, as opposed to anything they did themselves. But I had already had an orgasm, and I wanted him to come now, because making people come makes me feel damn good. I ran my fingers up and down his back, kissed and nibbled on his neck and ran my hands over his ass, feeling his muscles tighten and then release with each thrust.

One thing I found odd, though, is how silent he was. I have never had such silent sex before in my life. He seemed to be enjoying it, as he got faster and harder, but he made pretty much no noise aside from breathing. I am quite vocal, and I even wondered if I should try to be more quiet, seeing as how he was being so silent. At one point he stopped and asked, breathing heavily, “Tell me what to do. Tell me what’s good for you?” I said that what he was doing was good for me, and so he carried on. At around this point, the dog, who had been on the bed the whole time may I remind you, gets up and comes to lie next to my leg. Considering that we were moving around a lot, and I didn’t want to inadvertently kick the dog giving it the excuse it had been looking for all evening to bite off my face, I mentioned her current location to Scott. He tried talking to her again, but to no avail, so he got off of me and picked her up to move her off the bed. He got back on so that we could resume, and as we did she jumped back onto the bed, but stayed away from my leg this time, no doubt imagining how much she would love to eviscerate me. All in all I think that the sex itself lasted for around ten to fifteen minutes, but that is just a guess. He got really hard and fast, and it was sore, but a good sore. Near the end it started getting a bit too sore, but then he came and it was over. Even when he came he was quiet, barely a murmur escaped from his lips. We lay there for a few moments, sweaty and holding each other, catching our breath and then he got off of me and went to the bathroom to take off the condom and do… whatever men do in bathrooms after sex? After he came back, I went to the bathroom quite unsteady on my numb legs, then got back into bed. He drew me to him, and wrapped an arm around me. I fell asleep feeling the cool smoothness of his chest on my cheek, and listening to his heart beat.

To be continued…

“The Sex” was a bit longer than I thought, so Chapter 1 part 3 will feature The Morning After, and Oh God the Awkward.

Also lookout for Chapter 2: The Almost Threesome From Hell. Coming soon.


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