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Or should I say blogger.

So Ron and I packed up all our stuff, our 3 cats and 2 rats, and spent all our savings on moving accross the country to Place by the Sea. Now, we don’t have any money to put a deposit down on a place yet. We don’t have jobs yet. Apparently a Masters in Theatre is not actually that sought after, and Ron only has an Hons so far.

I bring this up because our current living situation has influenced my lack of blogging. And also just a lack of general awesomeness. Ron’s eldest brother has a guest suite in his house. He also has a sullen, grumpy wife and two exceptionally energetic daughters aged 5 and 8. They are also impossibly naughty and think that I am the most awesome live-in playmate they have ever had. I have no choice in the matter. Our door doesn’t lock. We have no privacy. The 8-year old can READ (she does it all the time) and likes to sneak in to look over my shoulder and read what I am doing at the pc.

*Cue Taylor looking over her shoulder to check for small nosy humans*

So I just haven’t been able to. Honestly I have been pretty exhausted. The kids are exhausting. Looking for a job is exhausting. Being permanent guests in grumpy, tense people’s house is exhausting. Having sex marathons is exhausting (I was lucky enough to have one of those on Thursday with a new secondary partner I am significantly smitten with. Let’s call him Sam. Of the flexible tongue. I WILL do a post about the sex marathon. I HAVE to, the sex was too good not to share.)

Anyway, those are my excuses. Spank me if you must.

However, today I was notified that my blog is now being featured in the Erotica section on http://www.loveboudoir.com and it has inspired me to get back in the blogging saddle. Even if I have to stay up late til the small humans have gone to bed, it’s time to resume consistent posting. So, coming up this week will be Sex with a Sex Connoisseur Part 2, and The Almost Threesome From Hell Part 3, which will conclude both those stories.

And then next week a post about sex with Sam. *Cue Taylor going giddy and, let’s be honest, rather moist.*


Lady Taylor